Y is for Yearn


New musings inspired by the alphabet... 

If you've read the Y is for Yes reflection in my book, Alphabet of Faith, you'll know that my first choice for a sermon on Y was the word "yearn". Since that idea was nixed by my mother (as explained in the book), I decided to select YEARN for this new musing. 

Yearning: a spiritual restlessness that comes out of a deep need for something more, something different. We desire, crave, seek, long for, want more. 

Since it's Day 83 in my 90-day practice of keeping my writing and creativity energized with walking around the field and writing a blessing every day, I wrote a blessing about yearning:

Blessed are you 
who yearns for
on earth
between nations
in a family
a pause in the conflict
a breathing space for speaking
and listening
a stillness
a pause
a time for peacefulness

Blessed are you
who yearns for
the other side of sorrow’s coin
a moment of joy
in the midst of trouble 
at the end of the news
a reason to smile
an outburst of laughter
after a downburst of tears
a time for joyfulness

Blessed are you
who yearns for rest
not just lying down
but a laying down of everything
you carry
day by day
year after year
for yourself
and for others
a momentary respite from caring
and carrying
a time for restfulness

Blessed are you 
who yearns for
a sign
that you are where you belong
doing what you should 
to be doing
crave seek long for
if not a sign
then maybe a voice that says
a time for believing

Blessed are you
who yearns for
knowing there will always be 
more questions
more wondering
more paths crossed
as you crave 
long for
a time for understanding 

Blessed are you
who yearns
who is restless
who seeks
who trusts
who keeps going
who won’t give up
you are blessed
and you are a blessing 


~ SJ 


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