We've Always Known

For me, leading worship (being a lay worship leader) is mostly about writing. 
Basically, I write an essay to deliver to a group of people who happen to be gathered inside a church. 

Over the course of the five years when I worked steadily as a lay worship leader, 
I came to two conclusions.
The first one features prominently in my book, Alphabet of Faith: the world needs more Jesus. 
Meaning the world needs more love, compassion, kindness, mercy, justice, fairness, equity, acceptance, inclusion and hospitality. 

The second conclusion follows from that:
We know what we are supposed to do.
We know. We've always known.
We just choose not to do it.

I received a newsletter the other day in which the writer laments the quickening pace of climate change while our collective first-world feet drag in making the desperately needed changes. The writer says we, as people of faith, must ask God what we are to do. 

We already know what we are supposed to do.
We just choose not to do it.

We know war is wrong yet Russia invaded Ukraine.

We know we are supposed to divest our retirement portfolios of the stocks of gas companies yet those stocks are keeping our retirement portfolios healthy. 

We know we are supposed to love one another, and take care of each other, especially those who have less but struggle more. 
We know we are supposed to share our abundance because it's wrong for children to live in poverty and be hungry. 
We know we are supposed to cut back on stuff and things and packaging. We know we are supposed to use glass rather than plastic, cotton rather than fleece. 
We know we are supposed to carpool and ride share but it's nice to drive by ourselves and not have to make conversation with someone else first thing in the morning. 

We know trees give us oxygen and suck up our carbon dioxide.
We know bees are the key to food production. 
We know clean water is not to be taken for granted. 
We know plastic waster is filling up our oceans and hurting marine life.


There is no prayer, no wish, no lament, no policy
that will give us the answer we think we want,
that will change human nature. 

We know what to do. 
We simply choose not to do.

and again
and again

~ SJ


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