"Y is for Yes
Why do we find it so hard to say yes to Jesus' one commandment to love one another?
To treat others with kindness and mercy, fairness and equality? 
To be accepting and welcoming and - well, just nice?"
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell 

Am I a broken record if I say again,
we know what we are supposed to do,
we just choose -- again and again -- not to do it? 

Saying yes opens our hearts and our minds.
Saying yes opens our hands.
It opens our lives.
It lets us live.
It lets us be alive.

Life is a gift.
If we keep it wrapped up -- a way of saying No --
then we are squandering what we have. 
This one wild and precious life, as poet Mary Oliver so famously put it.

We know how to make the world a better place,
we know how we are called to act and speak,
we know how to treat others -- 
and it's not by saying No, 
it's not with refusals and locked doors,
with suspicion and rage and dismissal,
with guns drawn and prisons overcrowded.

We need to say yes
to kindness, mercy and justice,
to compassion and fairness,
to acceptance and inclusion. 

Let us live into the yes
of love and hope and peace and joy. 
Let us embrace the infinite possibilities of yes
for ourselves,
for our communities,
for this planet. 

~ SJ


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