Sunday Quote from Alphabet of Faith

"Zeal is about finding what you are passionate about, figuring out
where your enthusiasm and energy flow to - and following it.
Giving in to it - giving in to being passionate about life. About your
life, and about the lives of others."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell

This quote is hitting hard. 
Because I have a dream. 
I have a calling.
I have something I want to do -- I just don't know how to make it happen.

Argh! The curse of an ideas person! The curse of more enthusiasm than skill! 

This calling started many years ago, when I was 24 years old. 
I didn't know what to do with the idea, with the energy, with the passion.
It came after the teacher supervising my final practicum told me 
I shouldn't be a teacher,
and I wonder now about the ripple effects of that statement;
not only was I set adrift, no longer knowing what I was to do,
but also not trusting anyone to help me, guide me, give me good advice. 

Now this calling is rising up again,
more urgent, more possible,
and this time, I do have someone I can talk to. 
I know what I want to do,
I just don't know if it's possible to do it where I live
in rural Nova Scotia. 

I'm scared to put myself, my idea, my dream
out there, especially here
where I'm still considered an outsider. 

What do we do when we're scared? When we don't know if our passion
will be supported? If the seeds we plant will be watered and encouraged to grow? 

What do we do when there is a passion for something
burning inside us? What do we do with it?
It never goes away; it simply smolders, 
and every so often builds into a bonfire. 
What do we do when this passion could make a difference
in the lives of others, as well as our own life? 
That ember burns hotly, even when it is covered by dirt,
never smothered, never completely out. 

Zeal. The energy and enthusiasm we feel for an idea,
for a project, for a life's work, a life's mission. 
The flow is there.
Am I brave enough to go with the flow? 

As the saying goes, what's the worse that could happen? 

~ SJ 


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