T is for Time

"We have the chance to see this as our apocalypse: our time to plant,
to heal, to rebuild, to repair, to speak up, to transform. To commit
ourselves to the way and the truth Jesus revealed to us."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell 

my essay about time
isn't holding up very well
during a time of war. 

This time of war
has changed everything forever. 

This is not the way of Jesus --
the way of peace and love and mercy.
This is not the truth of Jesus --
that we only have to love each other
to change the world. 

To write about peace and mercy and justice
during the pandemic was challenging enough;
now in this time of war, 
it's become almost impossible. 

Peace is the way
and peace is the truth.
Until we can commit ourselves,
our entire humanity,
to peace,
we will always live just on the edge
of our potential. 

~ SJ


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