"Unity is the state of being one. Unity is built from a shared vision, a shared hope, a cause for the common good. The stability of unity comes from the spirit of equality and oneness. The state of being one."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell

Read this quote, read the whole essay in my book,
then watch the news. 

Does any of what I write about --
shared vision, shared hope
common good
state of oneness --
does any of that 
show up in the news?

We are becoming further and further divided
in our nations,
in our communities,
even in our homes. 

Us versus them
instead of "we're all in this together".
I think that was perhaps the most profound,
most accurate,
most potential-sourcing statement of the pandemic.
We are all in this together. 

Yet we are more divided,
more disunited,
more separated
than ever. 

That makes it harder to do what it right --
to find our shared vision and shared hope,
to work for the common good,
to help those less fortunate whose struggles are greater,
to be in service to others
who need hope and compassion, mercy and justice,
acceptance and welcome. 

Our churches are no better,
our Christian faith is no better.
We are called to be one,
to be unified,
to love one another,
yet we are creating more chaos,
more upheaval,
more division, 
more us versus them
than ever before. 

Honestly, I can't watch the news any more.
It breaks my heart.
I write these words, I read the words I've already written
and I think,
"I'm so naive. 
What can love do in the face of such anger, such hatred,
such fear, such ignorance?"

Then I remember:
I am the light
I am the love
I am the action
I am the being and the doing
However far my light reaches,
whoever my light touches,
whatever help my light provides,
that is enough.

Ten thousand small kindnesses
add up. 

The world may be broken.
The world may be brutal.
You don't have to fix the world.
Just fix your small corner of it,
no matter how small. 

Don't give up. 
Keep being. Keep doing.

~ SJ


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