"R is for Rest
You need to rest.
You are allowed to rest...
That's so radical, isn't it? To suggest
it's not only okay but advisable to rest.
Because we live in a culture where
doing more is better and busyness is
worn as a badge of honour."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell 

A lot of people -- writers, parents, pastors, therapists -- are talking about how we need to rest.
How our minds and hearts and spirits need to rest, to stand down, to take a break.
We can't replenish our strength, we can't renew our courage if we don't rest. 
We can't cope and help if we don't get enough sleep. 
We aren't human if we don't get enough sleep. 

We think the world will end if we take a break, step away, disappear for a snooze
but the truth is 
the world won't notice.
We've forgotten that. 
We've forgotten that the people we matter most to,
are the only ones who need us to rest, to be our best. 
We are allowed to rest. 

It's part of being human,
the need to rest. 

If we are weary and overwhelmed and burned out,
the solution is rest.
We are no good for anyone, especially ourselves,
if we are weary and overwhelmed and burned out. 

~ SJ


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