Speaking of Seeds...


A minor miracle for me this week -- some seeds sprouted! 
This has not happened before, despite repeated attempts.
Weeks ago, I put twelve sunflowers seeds in those pots. 
As you can see, only one sprouted. 

I'm happy with one! 

This is a miracle for me
given that, this week,
I killed half the annuals -- six tomato plants, a dozen marigolds, 3 nasturtiums plus two more flowers I can't remember the name of -- I bought last Saturday 
because I didn't look at the overnight lows before shopping. 
After I put everything in the greenhouse, it was -7 and -6 and -4 the next three mornings. 
And here I was, so proud I could get ahead of the shopping since by the time we are
warm enough and dry enough for planting,
all the good stuff is gone. 

So it was quite a moment of joy for me this morning
to come into my office and see that some of the osteospermum seeds
I saved last fall from a pot of the annuals
actually sprouted. 

Hope sprouts!
Don't give up!
Just keep planting. 
Over and over. 

There was never a better metaphor for my writing career than this!
I don't get plants from the seeds I stick in soil and expect to sprout
but I get plants when I least expect them
from the seeds that are my
"well, let's just see what happens" toss outs. 

I can't figure life out -- but this keeps it interesting.
Since you never know what seeds will sprout,
you have to plant many and various,
and keep planting. 

There's always a chance something will grow from one small seed. 

~ SJ


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