Home Space

This is where I live, from the middle of the field by the pond. 

Look at that sky! 

When I started my 90-day practice of walking around the field every day, and writing a blessing every day, its purpose was to keep me writing. Substitute teaching (let alone full-time teaching) has a way of occupying every brain cell all the time, and sucking up most of your time. I felt my creative energy was being sapped and I wasn't writing. 
The practice has done its job: As soon as I get in the car at 3 o'clock, my brain turns to the walk and the blessing that are coming when I get home. Knowing I have this practice to go home and maintain takes my mind off my teaching day. It also helps if it's been a challenging day in the classroom; the walk and the blessing aren't tied to each other - I don't use the walk to inspire the blessing - so the walk helps me work through whatever reflection I need to take in order to figure out the lesson I, as the teacher, need to learn from that day. 

The unexpected upside, and delight, and joy, of this practice has been watching the field and the pond come back to life after the winter. When I started on April 1st, the ground was brown and covered in dry grass. This week, especially, everything has popped with green! 
We were unable to have the field ploughed last summer because it was too wet (we live in a river valley), so I've been able to stake small trees randomly planted by the wind and birds that didn't have a chance to grow until this year. Doing my part to help the planet! 

This is my home space. This is my heart space. This is my brain space. Where I go to breathe and unwind, think and reflect, or perhaps not think at all, and just listen to my heart beat as I keep an eye out for deer, and bear, and porcupine, and geese. 

I love where I live. I love the sky under which I live. This is my gratitude space. Where I make sure I say thank you for all the blessings in my life.
Including this field and this pond,
and the house beyond. 


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