A Practice of Walking and Blessing

At the end of March, a best-selling, very popular author wrote a social media post that as she enters isolation for a second bone marrow transplant, she is bringing back her 100 days of art -- creating art every day. It's a practice she wrote about in her book, during her first bone marrow transplant.

It struck a chord with me. I realized that working almost every day as a substitute teacher was messing with my creative energy. Draining my energy and distracting my mind. I was hardly writing any poetry which is a sure sign something's wrong. 
And I didn't - don't - want to lose that energy. By committing to a practice, a habit is created. I know personally the power of making a promise to oneself: you keep it. 

I realized I need to be intentional about keeping my creative mind active so on April 1, I started a 90 day practice of walking and writing. 
The practice is two-fold: walking around the field every day, no matter the weather or my mood or the fact I don't have my dog, and writing a short blessing a day. I would post a photo of either the pond or the old truck frame in the woods every so often, but not on a schedule so that I wasn't walking with the pressure of having to create, having to post. This practice is for me.

When I started on April 1, the war in Ukraine had been waging for five weeks and the COVID-19 virus was still killing people on a weekly basis while people complained about wearing masks. Add to that all the "behaviours", as we call them, in the classrooms and I was exhausted. I needed a way to keep going. 

So the daily walk and the daily blessing is a practice of hope and health and perseverance until the end of June. I'm at Day 40 today. The photo is a rare sunrise photo (I usually walk after school) because I needed a walk before getting ready for work. 

Blessed are you
who holds your heart
gently in your cupped hands
who blows lightly on
the embers of hope
still burning
deep inside you
who doesn’t give up
just because there is more smoke
than flame
Blessed are you 
who keeps the spark alive
You are a blessing.



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