When I was doing my sermon series in the winter-spring of 2020, 
the letter Q fell on the Sunday after the mass killings in Nova Scotia. 
Tragedy, especially in the immediate aftermath, elicits only one question: Why? 

Remember, tragedy isn't just the large-scale events. 
Most loss is a tragedy; it's merely a matter of the scale of suffering.
And many losses have us asking, 
Why did this happen? 
Why did it happen now? 
Why did this happen at all? 

There are no answers. 
Don't let anyone fool you with their pat responses -
there are no answers. 
There is only action - 
and that action is to love. 

"Tragedy has a way of undoing our certainty, 
of liquifying the ground we stand on, 
of providing more questions than answers, 
of leaving us doubting and questioning and 
seeking solace and hope and
comfort and healing."

~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell 


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