was a big deal to Jesus. 
He preached about it a lot.
He wanted us to be aware of it,
its causes, and the solutions. 
But we resist -- we are that person who was told to sell
all his belongings, give the money raised to the poor, 
THEN would he be ready to follow Jesus. 
He resisted -- and we resist. We are so afraid of not having enough,
we are tight-fisted with our abundance.

I remember telling a congregation a week before Christmas
that the amount of money we in North America spend on gifts
would eradicate poverty around the world 
for an entire year.
A member of the congregation told me I'd ruined Christmas
by making him aware of that. 

So, on this Easter Sunday,
a day we celebrate
by wearing new clothes and eating lots of chocolate
and consuming a large meal,
let's be aware that this "holy day" is a symbol of 
A new beginning.
A chance to do things differently. 
A time to become aware and respond
with open hands and open hearts,
and the belief we will always have enough. 

"P is for Pandemic, Poverty, Privilege
We must not take our privilege 
- our abundance and our comfort and our ease - 
for granted. We must keep our eyes and ear 
open to what is happening around us. And
we must respond - by being open-handed."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell



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