A Blessing For When It Hurts To Breathe

Blessed are those 
whose hearts are broken
whose eyes are weeping
whose mouths are wailing
whose love is spoken
in whispers and wails

Blessed are those
whose hands are empty
whose feet are aching
who stomach is clenching
whose pain is plenty
more than words and what ifs

Blessed are those 
who are leaving
who are hurting
who are hiding
who are grieving

Blessed are those 
who are crying
who are slipping
who are gripping
who are sighing 

Blessed are those 
who are living
who are trying 
who are relying
who are giving 

Blessed are those
who see mercy in memory
who find solace in support
who discover joy and peace and hope
while knowing they are loved
even when they are alone 

~ by Sara Jewell
April 2022



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