"Everything around us is a miracle. 
Our existence.
All creation.
The resources that provide for us.
Each other.
Ordinary, everyday miracles.
The kind that nourish us, sustain us, uplift us, renew us."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell 

Thinking of our lives, and the world around us,
of waves in the ocean,  
birds and bees, a chicken laying an egg,
painters and architects, 
flowers, trees, the stars in the night sky,
our bodies - our breath, our heartbeat, our blinks - 
how we need water even more than we need food,
how we can walk and talk, make music,
dance, hug, 
invent things from our brains....

The list goes on because

we get so caught up in thinking that a miracle needs to be big and flashy,
something very few people could do,  
something that utterly changes our life,
that we forget it's the ordinary, everyday miracles 
around us all the time
that makes our life amazing and worth all the effort,
reminds us how fortunate we are,
how strong and brave and determined we are,
especially on the days when we need a miracle 
to get us through it.

a cup of tea at the right moment
is the best miracle we could hope for. 

~ SJ


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