This quote pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole religious/church experience 
(and my one attempt to study theology):
The past two thousand years, and particularly the last two hundred years, have seen us go further and further away from what Jesus hoped to accomplish. 
Love each other. Take care of each other. Give. Share. Seek. Help. Support. 
He wanted a new way -- to create a new world -- based on kindness, mercy, and justice, on compassion and humility and fairness,
and all we have achieved by this 21st century
is the same-old way. 
We just happen to have made scientific and medical and technological advances Jesus could not have dreamed of. 
But it's all the same-old empire building through power and corruption, fear and oppression, violence and war. 

"J is for Justice
Our Christian faith is supposed to be based on shalom,
on justice,
on treating others the way we want to be treated
and yet: We aren't behaving any better, or differently,
in the 21st century, than people seemed to be behaving 
in the first and second centuries."
~ from Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell

(Shalom is the ancient Hebrew word encompassing these concepts: peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility)


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