Love Never Fails

On February 14, I posted a poem I'd written that ended with these three words:
Love never fails.

A few days later, I found a t-shirt online that said just that. I've been waiting for it to arrive and it finally did. 
So today, I went back to that poem, called "Do One Thing", to rewrite it as a poem called "Love Never Fails". I wanted to write about the war in Ukraine but as I thought about it, I realized there are other things happening that need love to prevail, specifically the laws being passed in the United States that are declaring "war" on LGBTQIA2S+ children and teens. Laws like the "Don't Say Gay" law in Florida. 

So many wars. So much fighting. So much hatred and fear, ignorance and arrogance. 
So much bullshit that Jesus would shake his head at, 
and weep about,
as we do
while watching the news.

For me, the line is simple and clear: Love. 
We are called to love one another and that means everyone. 
We are called to do all things with love, from love, because of love. 
This is the hill I will die on, as they say. That we are to love one another - 
with love meaning
acceptance and tolerance,
compassion and mercy,
fairness and justice,
peace and harmony,
welcome and hospitality. 

We must keep fighting for
and believing in love.


What do we do when
is ferocious and unfair? 

What do we do when 
are malicious and unjust? 

We believe that if we
love harder
love louder
love wider

with anger
and passion
and boldness
and courage

Love will prevail 

When leaders are
blinded by power and greed
when lawmakers are
blinded by ignorance and hate

when they walk in fear
rather than in faith
when they swing a sword
and cut through the innocent
rather than cut down the corrupt

what can we do? 

We believe that if we
don’t negotiate
don’t compromise
don’t give in
don’t give up

don’t stop fighting
don’t stop loving 

don’t stop saying the words
that need to be said
if we say gay
if we stand with trans
if we stand with Ukraine
if we sing our song
in whatever key is our one true tone
and don’t stop singing
don’t stop loving
don’t stop believing 

Love will prevail 

We believe that if we
and house
reach out
step forward
speak up
and knock on every door
until every door opens

Love will prevail 

because this planet is a holy space
and every person on this planet
is holy simply by walking on this sacred ground
and I’ll be damned 
if I stop believing that

Love will prevail 

no matter the losses
we bury
no matter the crosses
we carry
no matter the laws
that are fearful and flawed
no matter the lies that are told
because there is no lie that can trump
the truth: 

Love will prevail

Love never fails

~ SJ 


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