"In this house, we believe..." 

In the summer of 2020, I painted two different sets of signs. The first signs represents the cultural beliefs (those signs are seen in the photo of me in church at the top of this blog) and the other signs represent the beliefs of my faith ("in peace, love, unity; in loving our neighbours and our enemies; in kindness, mercy and justice; in walking humbly"). 

I love these signs. And I love the idea of saying "In this house, we believe..." in the context of a church or a sanctuary. Because that's what church should be: a home away from home. A house where we all gather. A house where we all belong, where we can come home to.
A home that should be, and could be, a place to find sanctuary when our home is not safe or welcoming. 
And let's consider that church is not about the huge building made sacred because of the stained glass windows and organ and pews, because of the stuff that is made and donated to the church -- stuff that people can claim as theirs because they made it or bought it or picked it out -- possessions that tether us to the actual building, rather than to the purpose behind its existence -- 
but made sacred because of the spirit of those gathered in that space. 

Which of course doesn't have to be a huge building. 

It is the community that makes a place holy, and sacred, and special. Welcoming and reassuring and uplifting. It is the people who make a gathering holy and sacred, welcoming and reassuring, uplifting and relaxing. 

In this house, we believe everyone matters. So everyone is welcome. 

"What kind of love did Jesus bring to the table that sits in this house?
A kind and merciful love for everyone.
A unifying and all-encompassing love that looks at each one of us...
sees a hot mess and still says,
'Come with me. Come as you are, just as you are." 

~ SJ 



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