If my essay about friendship is the quirkiest one in the book, 
then my essay about grace is the longest, most complicated, 
most satisfying one. 
My editor and I spent A LOT of time getting it right. My favourite part is the ending. 

Grace is hard.
Hard to explain. 
Hard to understand.
Hard to recognize.
Hard to experience.

Or is it? 

Maybe in true human fashion, we overcomplicate grace,
like we do all the good things like love and faith and peace. 
Maybe grace is easier than we realize
because we are so judgy and resistant, so stuck in denial,
so fearful of others, of losing out, of the cost of sharing, 
so adamant we are right,
so full of ourselves. 

"This is why we can't truly wrap our minds around grace: it's so far beyond what we are capable of. 
The selflessness, the lack of ego, the absolute acceptance, the absence of judgement. 
It's radical love: generous, accepting, forgiving."
~ G is for Grace, from Alphabet of Faith, by Sara Jewell 



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