F is for Fear

New weekly musings inspired by the alphabet...

Our fear is as abundant as our words about love. 
But fear is loud and scary. Fear is in your face.

Fear drowns out love. 

Fear says: You are unwelcome. You are a stranger. You are an abomination. You are unclean. You are an outsider. You are a cripple. You are too old. 

Fear says: You are unlovable.

Fear tells us terrible things are going to happen. 
Fear tells us we aren’t going to be able to handle it. 

Fear starts talking as soon as we express any doubt – when we decide the right thing is what is right for us, when we decide Jesus’ command to love one another doesn’t apply in this situation, to those people. 

Fear loves when we ignore Jesus. 

Our fear is as abundant as our words about love.
But fear doesn’t hug, it lunges, it grabs, it shakes.

Fear overpowers love.

It’s in the way we react to the colour of someone’s skin, to the expression of their sexuality, to the support a family receives from the government, to a person’s mental health or addictions. 
Judgement is fear.

It’s in the way we reacted to the pandemic. 
We saw how people behaved when they feared they’d run out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. 
Hoarding is fear. 

We saw how people were angered by the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit – upset that people would get it who didn’t deserve it, that people were ripping off the government. 
Cheating is fear. 
Fretting that others will get something for nothing is fear.

Even masks. How can something as simple as a face cloth be so controversial?
Refusing to wear a mask is fear. 
Mocking others for wearing a mask is fear. 

Fear fights dirty. Fear says whatever it thinks you will believe.

But fear is a liar. 

Fear can’t prove what it says. 

And what is the truth?

Love is the truth, love is the way, love is the life. 

Love is the only way forward. 

~ SJ



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