The idea for B is for Box came from a sermon series I did in 2019 called "Proof of God". That series was inspired by a column I wrote for Broadview magazine on the same topic. For that column, I interviewed two people, a minister who had once been a scientist and a professor at the Atlantic School of Theology. My column was only 600 words and each interview transcribed to three thousand words! There was so much good stuff, I had to share, giving each person their own sermon. 
During my long and interesting conversation with the professor, he talked about how we box God in with OUR ideas of God and his words are in this essay in the book. 

"In order to release God from the box we created, we need to leave the safety and comfort of our carefully constructed, impeccably decorated, dust-free and sanitized box. Why are we afraid to be free? Why do we prefer to remain in our tight little boxes?"
~ from ALPHABET OF FAITH by Sara Jewell 


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