My friend Jennifer (who is mentioned in the essay about friendship) texted me: "Church tea is SO dark and good. Why is that?" and I knew she was reading "C is for Comfort"!

This essay tells the story of why I ended up crying while reading the scriptures in church one Sunday morning (back in 2006). Since then, I've thought a lot about how we tend to stay away from church when we are grieving in some way for some reason, out of fear a song or a prayer or just a line in a scripture will upset us. 

I mean, honestly, if someone sat in a pew and wept throughout a service, what would we do? What are we expected to do? What would you want someone to do? If it were me, I'd want to be left alone to cry during the service, but would appreciate hugs after -- once I stood up and indicated that I was ready to engage with others. Seeking solace in a sanctuary, and crying in church, shouldn't make us feel awkward or embarrassed. It should be embraced -- a safe place to let go and find comfort. 

"We show up at church to find comfort because this is supposed to be where we are connected to each other based on what we have in common with Jesus: the assurance of love, acceptance, welcome, and no judgement." 
~ from ALPHABET OF FAITH by Sara Jewell 


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