From Richard Wagamese's book, Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations:

"Can you think of a better way to live than in gratitude? Can you think of a better way to be than to be kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, courageous, truthful and forgiving? Even if we're wrong, can you think of a better way to breathe than through all that?"

Did you take a breath when you read that last line?
That's the incredible power, the amazing grace of our breath: If someone says "breathe", we do. We can't help ourselves. We immediately become conscious of this life-sustaining action we do every second without being aware of it (until something happens to make breathing a challenge). 

Our breath is our connection to the holy energy that swirls in us and around us at all times. This is the reason I begin every church service I lead with an invitation to focus on our breath, and to take three long, slow inhales and release three long, slow exhales. To relax our bodies. To open up our hearts and minds. To prepare ourselves for whatever we need to hear or feel, whatever we need to receive, during worship. 
And then I repeat the invitation to focus on our breath when we reach the time of community prayer. 

We breathe in peace.
We breathe out love.
Our breath is the key to life, and love -- kindness, compassion, respect, courage, truth, forgiveness -- is the key to living. 


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