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Alphabet of Faith Is Published!

  My new book finally published this week, after delays at the printers because of supply chain delays, and despite the catastrophe in British Columbia which is keeping shipment of my books from getting to my publisher in Kelowna. But the printer is in Quebec so a carton of books is on its way to me this week and I can't wait to see it.  Got to admit: I'm scared about this baby going into the world. I've never been very public about my faith, and as it turns out, I'm very simple about it: I'm here for what Jesus said and how we live it out RIGHT NOW: Love your neighbour. Love each other. Blessed those who are poor, vulnerable, hungry for justice, sick and suffering, grieving, persecuted, ignored, rejected. Welcome the strangers, and the strange.  The history and the cultural context of the Gospel stories, and of Paul's writings, are interesting but when I write, I'm focused on how we live out Jesus' call for love and kindness and justice in our world now

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