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World Communion Sunday

  Today is World Communion Day. I thought about going to church today,  but realize the language I'm going to encounter at the local church will not be what I'm looking for.  A quick search for the definition of "communion" brings up "the act or instance of sharing" first, the Christian sacrament second, and third is "intimate fellowship or rapport: COMMUNICATION" That's what I'm looking for:  the act of sharing.  Isn't that what the faith inspired by Jesus is all about? Sharing. Sharing what we have, whether its food or money or skills or presence. What I'm looking for, and would love to hear the language of, is: a union with others who believe in Jesus' ministry, who believe his life and his works  are just as significant as his last supper, his death, his resurrection.  I'm looking for a space, and the language, that celebrates community, that brings people together through the fellowship of food, bread and wine but also

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